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Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Calculator

Microsoft offers various Dynamics 365 license types which are priced differently. This post provides an interactive license calculator tool in order to help companies estimate the cost of the licenses the require.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Calculator
Finance, Base
Finance, Attach
Supply Chain Management, Base
Supply Chain Management, Attach
Team Member
Business Central, Essentials
Business Central, Premium
Project Service Automation
Fraud Protection per Tenant
Customer Service Professional, Base
Customer Service Professional, Attach
Customer Service Enterprise, Base
Customer Service Enterprise, Attach
Customer Service Insights License(s)
Forms Pro – 2,000 Survey Responses per Tenant
Customer Insights per Tenant
Sales Insights
Sales Professional, Base
Sales Professional, Attach
Sales Enterprise, Base
Sales Enterprise, Attach
Microsoft Relationship Sales
Marketing per Tenant, Base
Marketing per Tenant, Attach
Field Service, Base
Field Service, Attach
Remote Assist, Base
Remote Assist, Attach
Total, CAD: $ 0.00

If you would like to discuss your business objectives, including which licenses may be optimal for your business and a possible strategy to help reduce subscription costs, you can contact us and one of our certified Microsoft specialists is going to be happy to be of assistance.

The focus of this post is on the licenses and their prices available for the Cloud (SaaS) deployment type. The prices provided here are not a quote. The objective of this tool is to provide a general idea about how much the total cost of licenses required for a business may be. To the best of our knowledge, the prices are accurate at the time of writing this blog post – if you have noticed any inaccuracies, feel free to suggest an edit.