Assessment or diagnostic projects can be compared to a car inspection where driver’s requirements (business processes), the existing and to-be car states (source and target software) are examined. The purpose of assessments is to help analyze and document the source (existing) business processes and ERP system(s) and how these can be improved. The advantage of starting an ERP implementation journey with an assessment is that an assessment project requires only a minimal commitment of time, money and efforts before – this maximizes flexibility and keeps both teams maximum agile to commence the actual implementation project on the right foot.

Peace Systems Corporation offers different types of assessments in order to help meet our clients’ business process and ERP objectives efficiently and effectively. These types are briefly discussed and compered in the table below:

DESCRIPTION Successful specific assessment with Peace SystemsSpecific Successful generic assessment with Peace SystemsGeneric Successful POC assessment with Peace SystemsPOC (Proof of Concept)
Best For Source and target ERP system overview Source and target process overview Key business process(es) overview in the target ERP system
Deliverables Assessment report Fit-gap analysis Demonstration
Focus Software Business processes Software and business process(es)
Duration 40 – 80 hrs (2 – 4 cal. weeks) 50 – 100 hrs (3 – 6 cal. weeks) 100 – 200 hrs (4 – 8 cal. weeks)

To learn more about assessments by Peace Systems in general or specifically in the context of your business, contact us.