Successful project management with Peace Systems

The objective of project management activities at Peace System is to ensure that implementation of an ERP system (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and 365 Supply Chain Management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) progresses according to an approved plan. We use project management best practices throughout the project life cycle. Our project managers rely on time proven methodologies, such as Microsoft Sure Step, agile and waterfall, which are generally combined and enhanced to benefit our projects.

A successful ERP project usually consists of 20 % of project management hours added to the overall estimate. Project managers at Peace Systems look after the project budget and timeline; they schedule meetings and oversee other related activities. Whenever a change request may be required, our project management team likes to notify the key stakeholders as soon as possible and provides multiple options to help make an informed decision.

To learn more about project management in connection with our ERP implementations in general or to ask a question related to project management specifically in the context of your company, contact us.